Meet Mike

Why did I start mMm?

I started Motivate Me Mike, for oh so many reasons. 


Here are just a few of those reasons:

  • I wanted a place where personal training could feel more personal.

  • I wanted to create a gym that felt more inclusive and approachable. 

  • I wanted a gym with no ego and judgement. Where you can feel ok about not being fit, because ALL humans need fitness! 

  • I wanted to create the most ideal environment possible for people to improve themselves. Because if I can eliminate all the things people don't like about typical gyms, then I'll know for SURE that I've done EVERYTHING I can to help a person be successful.


Why? Because your wellness is too important, your fitness is freedom, and your health is wealth. 


And we can't leave it to the copy/paste programs and the do-it-yourself gyms because they are NOT working. Otherwise America wouldn't be overweight, depressed, and anxious. Somehow, despite all of our prosperity and opportunity we STILL can't find the will to Get Moving, Get Well, and Go Beyond! 

And I'm going to do something about it...

Welcome to Motivate Me Mike.  


The best, most effective fitness and wellness experience one can conceive.

"Every day I imagine a better future, and it starts with improving your body and mind."

Fitness is Freedom


1-on-1 Consultation

With Mike and at the mMm Studio

3953 Colorado Avenue

Sheffield Lake, OH 44054

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