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mMm Price Increase 2023

Updated: Mar 1

Starting May 1st, 2 months from now, the Motivate Me Mike service prices for

1-on-1 and Summit Strength will be going up.

Here is a chart so that you can see what exactly is going up, by how much, and a quick look at the new/existing services too. 👍:

As you can see I now have a service type to meet any fitness/wellness need. So if you'd like to adjust your combination of services to better suit your needs we can do that any time.

Just text me, I'm happy to help as always.

If you need lots of questions answered just use the free 1-on-1 phone consult button below to schedule a meeting with me during a time I'm free.

Thank you very much for choosing Motivate Me Mike for your journey of betterment and personal potential. I hope to continue to see you through to your goals and beyond ↗️ 🏔✨.

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