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Why I Became "Motivate Me Mike" - The Short Answer First

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Ya know, it takes a whole lot of insight to REALLY understand how anyone becomes anyone.

Their DNA, their upbringing, all the things they did, and all the things that happened to them. Humans are so complex.

But if you want to know why I became "Motivate Me Mike," this is the short answer:

The nature + nurture circumstances of my life were such that I arrived at a handful of personal insights. Those personal insights convinced me that I should become who I became. They are as follows:

  1. I am able. My talents make me uniquely good at helping people with wellness.

  2. I'm willing. I find a GREAT deal of satisfaction and fulfillment in helping people like this.

  3. We're all we got. It's just us on this planet. We're precious. So we should help if we can.

  4. The best help is helping someone help themselves. As most things must be done by YOU.

  5. Most of the needless suffering that occurs in 1st world countries is from a lack of wellness.

  6. Most people want to improve themselves it's just easier said than done. So I'm here to help.

  7. If not me, then who? I recognize how rare someone like me is. I'm someone that is both highly willing and able to help (rare). AND I have concepts, systems, and programs the world NEEDS and has never seen before (ultra-rare). So I would be a HUGE waste if I didn't help.

That's the short answer. Those 7 insights should be enough to give you a good idea as to why I do what I do. As for the circumstances for why I became "Motivate Me Mike, I have 3 short stories:

  1. I've been through a lot of "hell" in my life. Physical and mental abuse from my Dad and stepdad, poverty, ADHD, having to move 5x before I was 9, a fall-out of my faith, Army Basic Training, combat time in Afghanistan, depression, PTSD, having crippling chronic back pain from breaking my back. I don't like talking about this stuff because people might look at me differently, but these things are important reasons why I do what I do. I understand pain very well, and so I REALLY notice the difference when I come out of pain using the practices of wellness. This will sound very religious, but wellness has been a light in the dark for me. Wellness has been a dependable "golden tool" of betterment and healing when I needed it the most. To be "well" is to make your way closer to "heaven." So to put my point here together in one sentence: The more "hell" you experience in your life, the more you appreciate the power to bring about more "heaven."

  2. I was raised in an environment of high levels of empathy and optimism. My family has a strong culture of helping each other; it's how we got through it all. We are all naturally charismatic and personable too. Though I am no longer a Christian, I was raised in a church with a consistent message of prosperity and optimism. The classic evangelical "prosperity church". My mom was also constantly teaching us and showing us by example how to be compassionate, strong-willed, and to use your words for good. So you could say I was bred and groomed to have the heart of a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer.

  3. I nearly cured my own ADHD; it was the greatest reason I became a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. The story starts when I joined the military and went to Basic Training at age 17 in the summer of my junior year. It was the most stressful time of my entire life, and that's saying something. Mostly because my ADHD got me into a lot of trouble. I also had never been away from home by myself before. I was used to going through school with ADHD drugs like Adderall. So I was unprepared to go to a harder version of school (Army Basic Training) with no Adderall AND with no family support system. So I made many mistakes every day and paid dearly at the hands of my Drill Sergeants. The drill instructors even encouraged my fellow soldiers to turn on me as a pressure to get "squared away". That hurt. I went from a life that was already fustrating and difficult for me, to a world far worse with no loved ones to support me nor drugs to correct me. It was HELL. However, I managed to graduate. I think my "Suffering Capacity" did most of the heavy lifting. But I realized something had to change because I had a long military and college life ahead of me. I knew the stress of managing my life without prescription medicine would just mean more suffering, but I was sick of being drugged up all the time. So that's when I made one of the best decisions of my life: I decided to do deep research into how to "cure ADHD holistically." I went down a deep research rabbit hole and found that most tips were basic wellness practices!! So I implemented all of them at once, and WOW, did I notice a HUGE difference. I was clear-headed, I was calm, and god, was I motivated. From there on, I got better and better. I was rebuilding my habits, brain, and life bit by bit. I was rapidly becoming the best version of myself. I went on to have a great 7-year military career. I retired a decorated veteran sergeant. I saw successful combat in Afghanistan and was the 2nd fittest in my unit of 220 soldiers. I did well in college during that same period and became a Personal Trainer with a gold-level world-class certification. Then in 2014, I opened my now successful private gym business, "Motivate Me Mike." How? Why?: WELLNESS. It not only helped me tremendously in my life, but it also motivated me to help others implement it. So I can't just stand idly by with all this wellness knowledge when I know MOST people suffer needlessly and are FAR under their potential only because they simply don't practice enough wellness!

So here I am today. Still improving. Still helping others improve too.

Also, I am FAR from done. I love improving myself and others, and I won't stop until I reach my goal: Motivate 1 million people to improve themselves.

I'll measure this by the total customers I have across all products and services ever given.

Now I have more than just those 3 short stories and those 7 insights listed above. I could talk about many more philosophies and stories that led me here too, but I think that will suffice for now.

Thank you for reading. Keep moving up my friends.

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