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Personal Trainer Opportunity


Are you a Fitness/Wellness professional in need of a space?



This 2400sqft turnkey facility allows you to present a professional and impressive facility to your clients without any significant equipment investment.

Fitness Group


Be your own boss! Have your own brand, create your own programs, and set your own hours. Whatever fits your business/client goals. 



One simple monthly payment saves you from build-out costs, expensive equipment purchases, high maintenance, utilities, and more!

The space at Motivate Me Mike allows you to train your clients in a more personal setting than a big-box facility. There are no memberships, so no crowds of on-lookers and no waiting to use equipment. So you have the freedom to tailor to the needs of your clients. If you'd like to learn more, schedule a meeting today.

This agreement is for personal training with a maximum of three clients at a time.

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