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Fitness Pro's Welcome!

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Are you a Fitness/Wellness professional in need of a space?



This 2400sqft turnkey facility allows you to present a professional and impressive facility to your clients. This is private facility too, so you won't have to share it with a crowd of people.

Fitness Group


Be your own boss! Have your own brand, create your own programs, and set your own hours. Whatever fits your business/client goals. All without the risk of opening your own gym.



A simple monthly rate of %15 pays for everything. So your rent comfortably scales up/down with you! No extra fees of any kind!

The space at Motivate Me Mike allows you to train your clients in a more personal setting than a big-box facility. There are no memberships, so no crowds of on-lookers and no waiting to use equipment. So you have the freedom to tailor to the needs of your clients. If you'd like to learn more, schedule a meeting today.

This agreement is for personal training with a maximum of three clients at a time.

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