Client Success

Motivate Me Mike client success story - Kyle


Kyle is my best friend from high school, class of 2007. Even though he was in 3 sports including football and wrestling he's always been one of the skinny guys. Strong as he got people still felt the need to mention his "chicken legs".

But back in 2016, Kyle joined my Summit Strength program. Mostly just for an excuse to hang out, but he took it seriously and trained with monk-like focus.

In 1 year, Kyle gained over 10lbs of muscle His main goal was never to put on muscle, but he says he really likes that his bigger chest lets him see down his tank top now.

And get this: Kyle is paranoid and hyper-vigilant right? So, he was drying off after a shower one day and looked over his shoulder and saw a stranger in the mirror. He spun around with a jolt, karate hands up, to find it was only himself! His back had become so defined and muscular in such a short time that he did not recognize his it was his own! That's one of my favorite testimonies.

Motivate Me Mike client success story - Allison


Allison hobbled into my studio in September of 2017 on crutches with a full straight leg cast. She injured her knee badly and she was afraid she would fall out of shape. She loved dancing and rollerskating and needed a professional who could work with her injury. I was up to such a challenge.

One month later she was out of the cast AND more fit than she started! However, she could only bend her knee 45 degrees. So we set off on a 12-month road of physical therapy and strength training! During that time we achieved a 135-degree full range of motion. Not only that but she became twice as strong and gained many fun new skills like high jumps, fall recovery rolls, and bar work. 

Now she looks better, has way more confidence in her ability, and of course, has fully recovered from her knee injury and then some! 

Motivate Me Mike client success story - Dave


Dave was dealing with a handful of difficult life issues when I met him. He was very stressed and before he knew it he had gained over 80 pounds and couldn't recognize himself. He lost a solid 30 pounds on his own, but then he started gaining it back. He needed help. Once I outlined a path to success for Daves he had a fire under him. Dave hit the ground running by going 3 days a week with me. I told him to expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week but he worked harder than I expect and lost much more. So in only 5 months time he lost around 50 pounds and was very happy with himself. Dave was also my first overweight client to achieve a six-pack. A rare achievement indeed! The best part of the story was when he went out of town and tried checking into a hotel using his old ID from when he was overweight. They didn't believe it was him so they called their manager. So he was forced to explain how he lost so much weight! In the end, he got a free room for his trouble Hahahaha! Perfect!  

Motivate Me Mike client success story - Kiran


Kiran was 17 when she had a wake-up call about her weight. She was young, and seeing the number 200 on her scale was a splash of cold water in her face. She had to do something. 
It was 2015 when she walked through the doors of my first studio back on North Ridge Rd. Her dad, brother, and brother's girlfriend, whom I'd already trained, referred her to me. So she had high expectations and was ready to rock. And rock she did! She was NOT playing around, this girl was on a mission! She was even sure to tell me when I was going too easy on her. Hahaha! Hell yeah! 
I'm happy to report that over time she has lost 40lbs all while building lean muscle. She is now crazy fit and has a very Wonder Woman like shape. Oh, and she's kept the weight off for 4+ years via my programs since then - NICE! 

Motivate Me Mike client success story - Tristin


Tristan was a tall 15-year-old basketball player with a lot of potential, but struggled with his speed and agility game. He was ranked top 40 out of 100 players, so not bad, but he could not yet dunk. 
He and his Mom met with me after seeing 2 other personal trainers in the area and decided I was going to be the best fit. 
I was told I only had 3 months to train him before game season started. So I cracked my knuckles and went to work! He trained with me 2x a week for 60min each. I gave him fitness homework to do too. If he didn't complete his homework his parents got on him about it harder than I did! 
This helped me keep him accountable. He was a hard worker though and never complained, not even a little, and trust me, I put him through A LOT! 
In the end, we improved his vertical jump by a whopping 8 inches, allowing him to now dunk with ease. Not only that, but he went up by around 20 rank positions! Placing him in the top 20 out of 100. This all earned him a spot on one of the All-Star Teams at the Buckeye Prep Elite showcase.