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Meet Mike

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"I love the idea of a better future for everybody. And I know that one of the best places to start is to improve the body and mind."

Wellness and Beyond

Fitness is a great start for improving your body and mind, but there is a full scope of wellness practices and mindsets that I am VERY passionate about and want to share with everyone. 

That's why I'm so passionate about all this. I know how important it is and I know how deep the rabbit hole goes. The crazy thing is that most of it isn't going to blow anyone's mind. It is the basic stuff science has been telling us for years. Problem is, it's all easier said then done. So that's why I made it my life's work to help everyone with it. 

And when I do a great job and get that "thank you for everything" text, it's all worth-while. 

I mean, life is hard and at the end of the day I just want to feel like I helped. 

That's all, but that's honestly everything too. 

Fitness is Freedom

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