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Meet Mike


"There is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone reach their goals. But my vision for helping people goes way deeper than fitness and diet."

Why I Am "Motivate Me Mike"

People have been telling me I should be a Personal Trainer my whole life, but I had always just laughed it off. It was not until I gave it some deeper thinking that I arrived. So here are the thoughts that lead me here: 

  1. I Am Able. My talents make me uniquely good at helping people the way I do.

  2. I'm Willing. I find a GREAT deal of satisfaction and fulfillment in helping people.

  3. We're The Best We've Got. If someone like me can’t/won’t help you, who will?

  4. The Path To Reach Your Potential is Sacred. To realize your best self and to live your best life is priceless and beautiful. So I’m very motivated to help anyone and everyone with this task in any way I can.

  5. We Suffer Needlessly. It is a HUGE tragedy that MOST of the your daily suffering can be reduced or eliminated by doing simple wellness tasks. Yet these tasks are easier said than done… That’s where I come in. 

  6. I LOVE Fitness, Wellness, and Betterment. I geek-out about anything personal improvement based. If it has to do with becoming better in anyway, I want to know about it. In fact, I probably already do. Haha! And my enthusiasm is contagious! 

  7. I’m Very Rare and Capable. First, I'm someone that is both highly willing and highly able to help in this way. That’s rare. Second, working with me is like working with a philosopher, exercise scientist, and Captain America rolled into one! Haha! How perfect is that? How rare is that? My point being that it'd be a HUGE waste if I did anything else. Therefore, I feel a DEEP sense of personal responsibility to help you on your journey. 

My Experience and Certifications

  1. 1-on-1 Personal Training. I got my gold-standard personal training certification (NSCA CPT) in 2013. Built a full-time client base in less than a year and have been training people full-time ever since. 

  2. Cross Training. I got my gold-standard cross training certification (CF L1) in 2015. I choose this niche because I know that ALL humans need ALL the types of fitness training, not just 1 type. So in 2016 I started my legendary small group cross training / personal training program "Summit Strength". My Summit Strength people continue to improve to this day. 

  3. Group Exercise. From the moment I got my personal training cert I began conducting multiple types of fitness classes including yoga, kickboxing, bootcamps, and kid fitness. First at the YMCA in Avon, then my own class "MOVE" in 2014. I combined MOVE with Yoga to make a super-class I now call "MOGA". My MOGA people continue to improve to this day.

  4. Parkour. I've truly been doing "parkour" my entire life, as far back as I can remember, but I made it part of my career in 2015 when I got my "APK L2" certification. Which made me high enough in the discipline to be a "teacher of teachers". I don't advertise this expertise of mine anymore, but I will add this skill to a clients program if I think they would find in fun or useful because parkour is certainly BOTH! 

  5. Military Fitness. I served in the Army National Guard for 7 years and during that time became the 2nd fittest in my unit of over 220 soldiers. I was put in charge of the fitness program for a time as well. So if you need to prepare for the military, police, fire, etc, I'm your guy. Plus I should brag and also tell you that I retired a decorated Sergeant and veteran. Having served in Afghanistan as a gunner of a gun truck with over 100 missions, 3 of which I saw combat.

  6. ALL Fitness. I've been coached by many coaches with many different fitness types and expertise over the years, but here is the quick list: Soccer, volley ball, gymnastics, football, wrestling, track, parkour, Army, crossfit, jujitsu, yoga, dance, powerlifting, olympic lifting, body building, biking, and rock climbing. So in combination with my 3 functional fitness certifications I'm one of the most broadly qualified and experienced fitness professionals you'll ever meet. With the skills and knowledge to improve any athlete in any fitness style or discipline. 

  7. My Personal Fitness and Wellness. I "walk the walk" and then some! My flexibility, endurance, and strength are as high as you would ever hope them to be. My diet, sleep, mental health, and general wellness are as high as can be expected as well. And every year I improve. 

  8. In Summery. I'm THE guy who can help you!!


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