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Meet Mike


"There is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone reach their goals. But my vision for helping people goes way deeper than fitness and diet goals."

Why I Am "Motivate Me Mike"

People have been telling me I should be a Personal Trainer my whole life, but I had always just laughed it off. That was until I gave it a shot and discovered I was BORN to do this! So here are the beliefs and insights that lead me here: 

  1. I Am Able. My talents make me uniquely good at helping people the way I do.

  2. I'm Willing. I find a GREAT deal of satisfaction and fulfillment in helping people.

  3. We're The Best We've Got. If someone like me can’t/won’t help you, who will?

  4. The Path To Reach Your Potential is Sacred. To realize your best self and to live your best life is priceless and beautiful. So I’m very motivated to help anyone and everyone with this task in any way I can.

  5. I Want To End Needless Suffering. It is a HUGE tragedy that MOST of the your daily suffering can be reduced or eliminated by doing simple wellness tasks. Yet these tasks are easier said than done… Or everyone would already being doing them all the time. That’s where I come in. 

  6. I LOVE Fitness, Wellness, and Betterment. I geek-out about anything personal improvement based. If it has to do with becoming better in anyway, I want to know about it. In fact, I probably already do. Haha! And my enthusiasm is contagious! 

  7. I’m Very Rare and Capable. First, I'm someone that is both highly willing and highly able to help in this way. That’s rare. Second, my skills and personality are like working with an exercise psychologist, exercise scientist, philosopher, and up beat drill Sergeant rolled into one. How perfect is that? How rare is that? So I’d be a HUGE waste if I did anything else. Therefore, I feel a DEEP sense of personal responsibility to do what I do. Thus, a powerful sense of purpose when it comes to helping you on your journey. 

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Get Fit. Get Well. Go Beyond

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