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Hi, I’m Mike

Personal Trainer - Wellness Coach 

We all know how important it is to live a life a fitness and wellness. Yet more than 90% of people fail to reach their goals. And even if they DO reach their goals they fall back to their old habits shortly after! 

I find those facts very very unacceptable. EVERYONE deserves to know what it's like to look and feel like their best and TRUE self! So I'm here to do something about it.  

It's time to take a BETTER approach to fitness and wellness. I really wish what was out there right now was working for people, but it isn't. Pieces and parts of it work really well, but TRUE wellness is ALL encompassing.


So if you a ready for a truly effective and motivational experience you are in the right place and I'm glad you found me.

I'm highly certified, highly experienced, and I've helped over 300 people in this way and I can help YOU too!  

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Personalized attention and programing, no crowds, and all the accountability and motivation you need. Plus, it's just a really good vibe here, ya know?  

Simply put:

A place you like going to is a place you'll keep going to. And in fitness that means RESULTS my friend!

Client Success Stories

Motivate Me Mike client success story Kyle
Motivate Me Mike client success story Allison
Motivate Me Mike client success story Dave
Motivate Me Mike client success story Kiran
Motivate Me Mike client success story Tristin

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