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Hi, I’m Mike

Personal Trainer - Wellness Coach 

I believe your Fitness and Wellness are far too important to leave in the hands of copy/paste programs or crowded gyms. 

YOU deserve better! You deserve the BEST experience possible so that you'll actually ENJOY the process of reaching your goals!


So I use a FULL scope approach of exercise science, exercise psychology, and wellness here. That way nothing is left to chance and you get EVERYTHING you need!


A truly effective and motivational experience. 

I'm highly certified, highly experienced, and I've helped over 300 people in this way and I'd love to help YOU too!  

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1-on-1 Consultation

30 Minutes

mMm Fitness Studio > Big Gyms

Bright, clean, orderly, no crowds, and good vibes.

Over the years my clients have called this place their "escape" or "sanctuary". Personally, I treat it more like my zen garden the way I take care of it.  

Ultimately, a good space matters because a place you like going to is a place you'll keep going to. And in fitness that means RESULTS my friend!

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