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How To Discover Your Personalized "ONE TRUE DIET"

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Your personalized “One True Diet” almost certainly exists, and I’m going to tell you how to discover it. I’m going to cut through a WHOLE LOT of complicated details about food and get right to the heart of what foods will help YOU the most! Now it won't be "perfect" because all foods have downsides. So what I'm REALLY telling you is: This diet will be the CLOSEST you'll ever get to a perfect customized diet for YOU!

If you follow my advice here it WILL change your life permanently for the better, and that is not an exaggeration. You can only be composed of what you ingest, and if you ingest near perfect food you will be the best you can be! It’s not a diet plan I’m selling either. Just truth.

This is a great time to tell you that I’m not a Dietitian or a Doctor and you should talk with a professional about diet changes before making a big move.

I am however a Wellness Coach who has had A LOT of experience with many different diets with many different clients. I have also been doing near-daily research on diets since 2007 as I am obsessed with self betterment and diet is easily the in the top 3 ways to better yourself. So I am VERY pleased to get to the bottom of all of this mess about food. Food is the the most complicated part of wellness by far and I’m VERY happy to be able to cut through most of it with this ONE simple piece of diet advice.

So let’s begin.

Humans are very different. We have different DNA that adapted and changed due to very different foods and climates across time and across the Earth. We also have very different food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences. So since we have so many differences, it’s no wonder the exact same diet affects everyone so differently. In fact, many books have been written about these facts and if you’ve never read them it's hard to appreciate how much these facts change things for what we should eat and why. But no worries, I’m going to make it simple. So here we go!

Eat ONLY Meat and Veggies.

If you can't/won't eat meat, have a healthy protein-heavy alternative.

If you can't/won't eat veggies, have a healthy high-fiber and high nutrient alternative.

If you want to lose weight, eat 500 less calories daily than baseline.

If you want to gain weight or prioritize fitness, eat 500 more calories than baseline.


That's the most simple I can make food for you while still ensuring that you food journey will also be SUCCESSFUL for you. But there is still much to say...

You will no doubt want to eat more than just Meat and Veggies though. So no worries.

After one month, write down all the health improvements you saw with just meat and veggies (there will be many). This is when you should add just ONE more type of food you’d like to test. After one month, write down any changes in your health you saw (if any). Repeat this process until you discover a food type that brings about negative effects in you, or until you feel your current amount of food types are physically and emotionally sustainable. Because, once you have a diet that is healthy, nutritious, and physically and emotionally sustainable... THAT'S IT! YOU WIN! Don't complicate things further with extra food types. You are in what I call the "End Game" for your food and all you have to do it ride out conistently until your goals are reached!

The idea is this: Meat and veggies have everything humans need without a high likelihood of negative drawbacks. So by only eating these 2 food groups you eliminate all the types of foods that most typically disrupt human health. You’ll just need to be sure that your meat and veggies are from healthy sources (more on that later).

Now before I go on. I know food is a HUGE point of contention for people. Many of the diets out there are more like religions and people want to fight about all the conflicting science, trust me I get it. Also people are hurt by all the diets in their life that have failed them, so they don’t trust diets anymore, I get that too. So what I’m trying to do here today is give MOST people, not all people, what I see as the HIGHEST chance of success with ONE piece of diet advice.

To help you understand the gravity of what is at stake, here is a list of the life changing results of such a diet:

  1. More energy

  2. Better mood

  3. A healthy weight

  4. Better memory and concentration

  5. Reduction or even elimination of a chronic illness and disease

And that’s just to name a few. If there was a pill that did all the things listed above in a healthy way with no negative symptoms it would be the most expensive pill on the planet. So what I’m telling you is that we already have the equivalent of that hypothetical "pill" and it takes the form of Healthy Sourced Meats and Veggies!!

Now let’s go into specifics. Your Actionable Advice of the day is this:

  1. If you eat beef, let it be grass fed organic beef

  2. If you eat chicken, let it be free range organic chicken

  3. If you eat fish, let it be wild caught fish

  4. If you eat any veggies, let them be fresh and organic

  5. If you prepare your meat and veggies in oil, let it be olive or avocado

  6. Go online to find healthy and delicious ways to prepare your favorite meats and veggies.

  7. Your plate you should be 1/4 meat and 3/4 veggies.

  8. When/if you add new food types be sure to notice you symptom changes.

  9. Once you have added enough foods to make you happy and healthy you have found your “ONE TRUE DIET” *takes a bow*

Final Notes:

  1. If you are not EXTREMELY strict about this elimination diet you will not know if it truly worked or not. Meaning, if you eat anything besides meats and veggies in the first month you will corrupt the experiment. Same thing for in the 2nd month when you add a new food type to the mix. If you add ANYTHING unintended you will not have accurate data as to what food type caused what result.

  2. This diet resembles a more restrictive version of the Paleo or Keto diet, but obviously can be expanded into a less restrictive version if you expand it scientifically accurate as described above with the introduction of new foods. So if you don’t like the diet there is hope that you WILL once you add in enough extra food types that your body (and your taste buds) respond well to!

BOOM! So there is. Another life changing blog for you! If you found this info valuable, please share it with someone or at least tell me so in the comments below. I’d really appreciate it.

Now I understand that though it is life-changing, this is all easier said than done. That’s why I have a job after all lol. I’d like you to try this by yourself first and if it dose not go well you can schedule 1-on-1 Wellness Session with me. That way I can help give you all the Structure, Accountability, Knowledge, and Support you need to go the distance with this diet and beyond. Just use this link to find any time spot I still have available.

If I don’t have any time slots that match up with your availability, just check the link again next week.

Thank you for reading my friend. May you Reach Your Potential.

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