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The 3 Most Important Things In Life

Alright, this is a big one. Maybe the biggest. Why?

Because if you are curious and humble enough to keep your mind open, then

this blog could literally change the course of your life in a positive way forever.

Unless I’m wrong, of course. ;)

So I'll give you the same disclaimer I give all of my clients: This info may go outside the scope of my practice, but it is highly valuable for your journey and is as truthfully sourced as any reasonable person can expect.

In any case, this topic is not something you should just accept at face value obviously. So some groundwork has to be done for where I'm coming from first.

I'm a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer. Those are my official professions. My #1 goal in both roles is improving my client's life. Helping people gives me purpose, even if it's just helping someone build muscle or lose weight.

But in the process of helping people improve their diet and exercise, I inevitably discover the many issues that prevent my client from reaching their goals. Some of these issues are well within my expertise, like sleep and water intake. But some issues go far deeper, like lack of willpower and poor time management. These are serious issues, and they are often the ROOT problems my clients face.

The problem is I'm not certified to help my clients in those ways so I do what any good health professional should do: I refer them to a more appropriate health pro. But it turns out, they don't want to go find a separate "life coach" or "therapist" to help them. After all, they already like and trust ME!

And so, I help them in the way I've always helped myself with issues such as these: I research the solutions on the internet and cross-reference my info with at least 3 reputable sources. In fact, most of my personal success can be attributed to the knowledge I learned from the scientists, psychologists, and philosophers I found online. Why should my clients be any different? So I've decided to tell them what I know! And what I don't know, I quickly go and find out.

So as a result of playing the role of a Life Coach, Therapist, and Philosopher I've sort of BECOME a Life Coach, Therapist, and Philosopher. Not officially, of course, and not nearly as knowledgeable, but GOD DAMN, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't helped people as a result! I've gotten noticeably better at it every year since 2013, too; it's very exciting. Nothing is more fulfilling than helping people on their noble path to the betterment and knowing you ACTUALLY helped because they SAID you did! Shoot!!

In any case, there you go. You know where I'm coming from now. So you should now understand how and why I have the audacity to suggest to you what “The 3 Most Important Things In Life" are. And so, without further ado, here they are:

  1. Time

  2. Wellness

  3. Purpose

I hope that at first glance, these 3 things make sense as to why they might be the most important. It's common wisdom that if you have your priorities straight, you can live a better life. So you should know that I'm trying to lay out what I believe the base layer priorities in life are so that everything you build here after will be built on solid ROCK. Unshakeable and infinitely stackable.

Let's start with the following:


Time is, FOR SURE, the most important thing and should be discussed first. This is because it's the most important in many ways and on many levels.

Let's go with the obvious first. Every day we wish we had more time. Indeed the first thing we often think when we wake up is, "god, I wish I had more time to sleep." But it does not end there, we wish we had more time for EVERYTHING: Family time, workout time, chill time, time to finish something at work, the list goes on and on.

Those are just your micro time needs, but what about your macro time needs? You need enough time your whole life to do everything you've always wanted to do! The "bucket list" of all the things you'd regret having never done if you died today: Travel the world, start a business, write a book, learn to play an instrument, enjoy your retirement. Indeed, all the things you want to do are contained inside the small amount of time you have left in your life.

I think I’ve done a good job making my point about the importance of time, but we are not done! Now let's go BEYOND the micro and macro time needs. Let's talk about how time is literally the grid on which EVERYTHING exists. That's right, I'm talking about Einstein's theory of "time-space" and how time and space are inextricably linked.

Didn't see that one coming, did ya? Haha! But no worries, I have a point…

So far, we have observed that time is the same as space in that they can not exist without each other. So what exists within time and space?: Everything. Everything that matters to you: Love, Freedom, Peace, Truth, Beauty, Family, Friends, Purpose, Fun, Money, Humanity, and The Kitchen Sink! In other words, you can’t enjoy ANYTHING without time. So if you can get more Time, you can get more of EVERYTHING. How's THAT for important!?

I’ll talk more at the end of the blog about how to get more time, but now it’s time to talk about the 2nd most important thing:


It's perfect to explain the importance of Wellness right after explaining Time. Why?

If you are not mentally or physically well, you could have all the time in the world, but it won't matter. Why? Because you might not even be ABLE to do what you want to do.

Or you may simply be in such a poor state of wellness that you can't even ENJOY the things you want to do.

For instance, it’s hard to be happy when you’re in pain. So wellness moves you out of a state of suffering and into a state of peace and contentment.

What’s more, wellness can give you more of almost everything you need! Just think of something you want to be better; wellness improves it. Better mood, sleep, stress, energy, healing, memory, immunity, longevity, heart health, weight loss, chronic pain, inflammation, quality of life, mental function, and disease prevention are just a handful of what you can expect if you practice just the most basic of wellness! Not to mention that once you have more of all those things, it puts you in a better and more likely position to obtain other things you want too! Like money, time, or a relationship. If you use your imagination, you will see how EVERYTHING you want is made better or, more likely, if you just improve your wellness.

Phew!! If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will! But if indeed it does NOT motivate you well… That brings us to the importance of the final item on my list today:


There is so much to say about purpose. So much, in fact, that I may never be able to say enough… But for today, I will say this:

The strength of your Purpose must be greater than the strength of your Suffering, otherwise, you will quit.

What I love about wellness is that it is a purpose that is ALWAYS worth it and one that ALL of us share. So if you are ever unsure of what to do with your life or how to move forward, you can rest easy knowing that improving your wellness will ALWAYS be part of your Strong Purpose, no matter whatever that ends up being. I like to say wellness is a path for the pathless.

So what do I mean by “Strong Purpose”? I mean a purpose strong enough to bring you the distance despite many long and difficult struggles. Things like transforming your body and lifestyle or starting a business.

Purpose is also the thing that makes you jump out of bed in the morning with something in your heart to happily chase after.

The point is you can have all the Time and Wellness in the world, but without a proper Purpose, your life will lack deep fulfillment, and direction. Without fulfillment and direction, you will often feel empty, aimless, bored, tired, or depressed. The price you have to pay for purpose is often anxiety, but it’s a necessary and relatively small price to pay for a reason to live. Also if you are ambitious yet aimless you'll always feel anxious anyway, so you might as well feel anxious in service to something you TRULY care about.

Big Follow-Up Point: If you don’t think you have a strong purpose already, you are wrong. Remember improving your well-being with wellness is a strong purpose we all share, and that is a strong purpose if you ask me. I’m talking about an additional purpose on top of wellness that is personal to YOU! Pursuits that YOU find very worthwhile. They could be as simple as experiencing more Comfort, Fun, or Adventure or as heavy as Progressing Humanity. Just be sure YOU actually care about your purpose, or it won’t work for you when times get hard.

How to Get More Time, Wellness, and Purpose

Now for the life-changing part: The Actionable Advice. WOO!

So if Time, Wellness, and Purpose are the most important things in life, how can you get more of all 3? That is a fantastic question, and I will now do my best to give you fantastic answers.

How To Get More Time

  • Use a portable calendar (small book or app).

  • List and prioritize everything you want do from 1-20 and try to eliminate as many of the bottom items as possible. (difficult, I know).

  • Improve your wellness to increase your productivity so you can get more done in less time.

  • Improve your wellness to increase the number of years you are alive and the amount of years you are still useful and pain-free.

How To Get More Wellness

How To Get More Purpose

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