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EVERYTHING You Want or Have Requires Wellness

EVERYTHING You Have or Want Requires Wellness. Do you want something? Well, chances are you’re not going to get it if you are not well enough. Do you have something? Chances are you won't have it much longer it you are not well enough.

But no worries, there are so many simple things you can do to make yourself well. And if you understand this idea, you’ll start to understand how important wellness is. You’ll also start to have more of everything you want. How? By improving your wellness, that’s how!

So when I say “well,” I don’t mean the doctor gave you a clean bill of health. I mean that you have worked on all the many aspects of basic self-care, such as sleep, water, quality food, and exercise. If you are only 50% optimal in any of those categories, then you are operating at only 50% of your potential. Yes, in some cases it's THAT dramatic, but you take my point, I hope. If you work on yourself less, you get less out of yourself. Pretty simple.

So what do I mean by your potential, though? Well, make sure you are sitting down because if you’ve never seen a basic list of basic wellness benefits, you might get dizzy. What I mean by your wellness potential is:

  • Your brain’s capacity for creativity, recall, focus, and critical thinking

  • Your mood and sense of well-being

  • Your energy

  • Your heart, brain, lungs, and digestive system efficiency and health

  • Your hair, skin, posture, fat, and muscle appearance and health

  • Your huge reduction in chances of all-cause mortality

  • Your general reduction in most forms of suffering

  • Ultimately your increased willingness AND your ability to BE and DO everything you’ve ever wanted.

THAT’s the kind of potential I'm talking about! And THAT's what you are missing out on if you are not doing your best to improve your wellness!

So now that you can see how worth while it is, let me tell you that it's also very DOABLE. Every person has amazing potential if they just improve their wellness enough. You don’t have to have perfect wellness, but I promise you there is waaaaaay more you could be doing, and thus waaaaaay more of your potential is still not unlocked.

So if this blog has not lit an insane fire under you just now, it’s most likely that you still need more clarity. That’s fair. So let me point you in the direction of the clarity you need. This will also be my official Actionable Advice for you today:

  1. Read my Blog, “The mMm Wellness 5”. So you can know what types of wellness exist and that you can work on them.

  2. Do your own research to discover the importance of all 5 of those wellness categories. Those rabbit holes are deep and wide, so dig as long and deep as you need.

  3. Read my Blogs, “The mMm Wellness Priority List” and “The Wellness Bricks Analogy,” so that you can work on your wellness in the proper order.

And that’ll do it! Please share if you got value from this or think a loved one might find value in this.

And if you have questions you can message me in the comments below. I'd love to help!

Thank you. I hope you Reach Your Potential, my friend. Peace. ✌️

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