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The "Wellness Bricks" Analogy

In an effort to make your pursuit of wellness easier and more motivational, I'd like to present to you: The Wellness Bricks Analogy.

The concept is simple. But it is none the less important for one to see plainly so I've used bricks and a dotted line to help you realize 2 things:

  1. That your results can be very systematically "built".

  2. If you are not perfect at any specific wellness task, thats fine, you can usually make up for that fact using additional wellness tasks.

So here it is

Now this analogy is very helpful by itself, but it also tracks PERFECTLY with my "Wellness Priority List" idea too. So I highly suggest you take a look a that next. The idea of both these ideas being that priorities make more sense as "bricks" that you have to stack. This is because of the intuitive understanding that stronger bricks should be placed underneath weaker bricks to ensure structural integrity as the brick stack gets higher.

So my Actionable Advice for you today is this:

Start "stacking" your wellness "bricks". Once you have done your best to make the "brick" as thick AND consistent as you can, move on and stack another brick!

Hope this helps you. If it did, let me know with a like, share, follow, or comment. You'll only be helping other people too when you do so.

Good luck out there my friend. Keep moving up!

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