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Why Fitness Is The "Gateway Drug" To Wellness

Wellness can be boring. It's SOOOOoooo important, but sadly most of it is boring. Sleeping, drinking water, going for walks, eating veggies...*nods off*....*audible snoring*.

*wakes back up*

Ooops, sorry, where was I? Ah, yes, wellness is boring. It's not an exciting fight to win; it's just a daily habit. It's not a highly stimulating set of tasks that really engages the mind either. So you can see that this issue can surly be added to the list of reasons why people don't improve their health.

But FITNESS is different. How? Well, there are 3 major reasons:

1. Fitness is cool. Fitness is sexy. Fitness is exciting. In other words, it's an enticing poster child for the rest of wellness.

2. Fitness literally gets you high. This is because your body has to produce a cocktail of different hormones to cope with the intense demands of exercise. Very natural, very healthy, but hugely motivating.

3. Fitness requires better total wellness. For instance, without healthy pillars of sleep, protein, and water, your whole fitness temple comes crashing down. Indeed almost every wellness task helps to improve your fitness in some way.

So while fitness may not be the most important wellness task scientifically all by itself, it might be the most important one in terms of motivating people to participate in wellness. Thus leading to the greatest likelihood that one will reach ALL of their wellness goals.

So here is the Actionable Advice:

Try your best to LIKE fitness. Bonus points if you can learn to LOVE it. So it's less about doing it perfectly and more about doing it in such a way that you like it. That way, you are more likely to do it AND more likely to care enough about it that you'll actually start participating in the rest of wellness too!

Good luck out there my friends, I hope that helped.

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