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mMm Wellness First Principals - The "ROCK" On Which I Build My "Church"

The most important and consequential decisions one makes in life should be made based on "first principles." First Principals: the fundamental concepts or assumptions on which a theory, system, or method is based. So if you want to understand the foundational "rock", I stand on when I make all my bold and audacious claims about how you should live your life.... You'll want to read on.

My #1 goal as a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, and Life Coach is to help improve your wellness. So first, wellness must be well defined. I did that in my first blog, "What is Wellness - It's More Than You Think". Now I need to establish the wellness principles all that I do is built on.

So without further ado, here are the "mMm Wellness First Principals":

#1 Wellness can improve everyone’s Brain, Body, and Mood.

#2 Most people want to improve their Brain, Body, and Mood.

#3 Most people are not practicing enough wellness, thus needlessly suffering.

#4 If wellness was more approachable, doable, and enjoyable many more people would participate.

#5 The total population is very far from peak participation in wellness. So there is room to grow.

#6 I am willing and able to make wellness more approachable, doable, and enjoyable.

#7 If people reach their potential in wellness, they can more easily reach their potential in every way.

#8 Wellness leads to people being better friends, parents, workers, and leaders. Thus a better world.

All that I build, I build for and base on those truths.

So what is my Actionable Advice for you today?:

If you want to build something important, difficult, and long-lasting (including your own wellness), create a list of first principles.

In any case, thank you for taking the time to learn more about where I'm coming from. Good luck out there, my friend.

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