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A+ Wellness

Ah yes, A+ Wellness. How can we improve ourselves without understanding what we are working toward exactly? You'll need examples of the specific things you'll need to do to have ideal wellness. When are you "well"? When have you improved "enough"? Great questions. These are fun questions to try to answer philosophically, but for this blog, I'm going to stick to science. Only the best practices that are well within your control. The "mMm Wellness 5" if you will. If you do these 5 to the exact standards I list below, you can CONFIDENTLY say, "I have A+ wellness" and all the benefits from my "mMm Wellness 5 - The Benefits" blog will be yours.

It's fair to mention that this is not an exhaustive list. I did my best to stick to the wellness tasks the follow these criteria:

  1. Give you the most benefits with the least amount of time, effort, and money.

  2. Have the most amount of studies backing them up.

  3. Are within your control to change.

Now it's fair to mention that "A+ Wellness" is extremely hard to achieve, even I have never achieved it. The goal is to get as close as you can. Honestly, even "C-- Wellness" is better than the general population and will most likely be enough to accomplish your goals.

So my Actionable Advice to you is this:

Start incorporating this list piece by piece. Once you have one habit locked in, ONLY THEN should you move on to the next. It's one of the best strategies to go the distance. In behavioral psychology, it's called "chunking."

Have fun "chunking" your way to a better life. Hope this helps, if not, you know who to call... Ghost Busters! Seriously though, message me anywhere online, and we can set up a wellness coaching session. Good luck out there, my friend.

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