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Get Better Or Get Worse - There Is No 3rd Option

Are you ready for some existential motivation? You are? Haha! Well, excellent then, let's take a look!

The human body degrades over time; it's inevitable. It's an existential problem I'm sure you are all too familiar with already. We will discuss some awesome solutions at the end of this blog, but right now, we need to debunk the idea that you can "stay the same."

If you "stay the same" in any way, it's simply because:

  1. You improved enough to equally cancel out your natural degradation.

  2. The change was so small that it was not measurable. Thus, seen as "no change."

Basically, the only way something could "stay the same" is if some force acts on it so that it would stay the same. So even in that case, it's not actually staying the same it's just changing back and forth equally. Thus doing the math equivalent of (1-1)=0, or +1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1=0

This concept is actually linked to a fundamental truth about the entire universe. It's the idea that we can't seem to reach "absolute zero" no matter what we try. Absolute Zero: a theoretical temperature characterized by the complete absence of heat and motion. So in practice, we can not stop anything from moving, that includes YOU! This means everything everywhere is moving all of the time. Our cells move around inside our body, our body moves around the Earth, and the Earth moves around the sun. We could go bigger or smaller; it won't matter. Matter always moves, and WE are matter.

So now the question becomes: "Where are we moving?" Up or down? Forward or back? Are we getting better or worse? Hopefully, at this point, you are way ahead of me and won't be blown away by the final conclusion: If you are not getting better, then you are getting worse.

But TAKE HEART soldier!! There are so many fantastic simple solutions. These solutions can slow the inevitable "getting worse" and, in most cases cause you to "get better"!!

And so my Actionable Advice for you today is for you to improve in 5 major wellness categories:

  1. Sleep

  2. Food

  3. Fitness

  4. Mental Health

  5. Active Lifestyle

These 5 will cause you to "get better" instead of "getting worse" FOR SURE. So please refer to my "A+ Wellness" Blog to have an idea of what standards to strive to reach in those categories. And check out my "Wellness Benefits" Blog to see the how many amazing benefits there are too!

If you'd like help, just comment on this blog at the bottom.

Good luck out there, my friend. May you Reach Your Potential.

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